Friday, March 6, 2009

its offical im buying a lottery ticket today!

For the best mid week fun - check out Creative Bent doo's.

I attended my second one last night, it was Creative Bent #19 - Record Breakers Myself and Jenna had a ball, jenna remade new wave - against me cover into black waves and skulls and i did cats - into a semi pornographic pussies theme. Now everyone knows sex sells, and it sure did last night. I won an awesome prize - 7 cds - the presets, van she, muscles, wolfmother, chromed, new young pony club ep, softlights, 2 vinyls - ladyhawk, tough alliance and a lovely zulu t-shirt! Then most unbelievably i won the raffle - 1000 records collectors book.

Massive thanks to creative bent for a lovely night can't wait to do it again.

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