Thursday, April 30, 2009

when students get out

Started at Black Finch met Raymond De Zwart aka ray. Wonderful contemporary jewellery gallery in Northcote - high street.

Next was onto in.cube8r on smith street fitzroy. Was introduced to Isy Galey. Very interesting store concept. Its structured so that anyone can have there work there. You "hire" a box and stock it as you like. Different levels and postions within the store determine the hire price. There blog is here. Was lucky enough to have a squiz at the studio out the back where Caroline Jone, Mokoto Okada and Michael Laderman. Very interesting to chat to established jewellers and pick there brains. Michael mentioned to keep an eye out for Annie Lennox's bracelet at the logies he did the stone setting on it!

Had a quick look at design a space which is a similiar concept as in.cube8r but there application process is more in depth. Really want to look into getting some space there with "Jewellery is A OK" crew.

Next we went onto meeting with Vikki Kassioras in her studio, Nicholas Building. Looked at her practise and gallery space (which is attached to the studio). She set up the open studios evenings blog is here.

Last STOP was Ian Potter Centre @ fed square to see the 2009 Cicely & Colin Rigg Contemporary Design Award. This award is tagged Inovative Furniture.
Here are some images of the pieces

Flex Hammock 2008, Adam Cornish.

101 Chair 2006, Helen Kontouris.

Hedge, Lounge and Table 2005, Oliver Field.

Polytopia seating 2005-2009, Lucas Chirnside.

Ribbon bench 2007, Lambie Chan.

Y-Knot chair 2007, Jacqueline Ying Jun Lin.

Lepidoptera, chair 2008, Simone LeAmon.

Flow, lounge 2008, Chris Connell

and thats all folks.

p.s. longest blog post ever!

i like lights

i really do... here are two i spotted