Monday, May 25, 2009

better late than never!

a massive thank you to everyone for the awesome birthday this year, such a lovely day and interesting evening. the dinner was brilliant, can you say "banquet!?"

cookie cake

nom nom

and then the presents too...

(sorry about the flash spot, no idea how to avoid it... let me know if you do!)

actually a bird once told me
Never say never
Never say never
Never say never again..

"au vois.. bon soir.. good luck!"
"good bye!"

barbie comes to melbourne!

i can't wait to see the exhibition, its taking place at fed square june 26th - july 12nd 2009!
im really hoping it follows the format of the installation "bubble" pieces from last years design festival.

here are some images to get you excited...

more info about the melbourne exhibition.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

and a shopping she will go...

i got new shoes

i am getting ready to do hard yards tomorrow in retiring old shoes from the rack... i am pondering how i will be able to re-make the old retired ones into new amazing things.

Friday, May 8, 2009

once in a while...

every now and again, i see an artists work which astounds me. this has happened cue - Emily Valentine. All features are from real birds, which have met an end. Either road kill, dead pets or registered pests.

utterly amazing and intricate pieces, measurements are at the bottom of each photo. i want one!

heres an article by the SMH