Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ballonger, globos, palloncini and בלונים

Balloons in any language!

I played a small prank on tim -housemate number 2 last night. I blew up 15 odd balloons (with no help from whale) and placed them underneath his doona. After all the blowing and tieing, it looked wonderful. I didn't take a photo, i should have. Now i knew tim was having a night on the piss, so the homecoming would be fairly amusing.

I did not hear any popping during the night, but i do have to admit that i have a wonderfully deep sleep.

I was up early on the computer prepping for the studio and i heard his door creek open, footsteps and a groan. After the mornings greetings and amusing balloon talk. That was it.

I have balloons on the brain and found these images...

Does it shoot balloons too? I want this in my backyard.


Hows dads face?! (This ones in there for fathers day.)

Things I have learnt :
Balloons are awesome.
Dogs like balloons.
I am not so good at pulling pranks.

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