Thursday, December 17, 2009

bodies in urban spaces

"Bodies in urban spaces" is a project undertaken by Willi Dorner and Lisa Rastl.

Will Dorner is the art director and Lisa Rastl is the photographer behind this visually pleasing project. Will and Lisa have collaborated on 2 projects (‘hängende gärten’ and ‘bodies in urban spaces’) combining humans in odd formations and unusual locations. These projects set out to explore the “relationship between body, space and architecture”. This urban based series shows the human body and bodies are sculptures which were spread throughout the city of Vienna.

The still are amazing. Video at the end... enjoy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blek Le Rat: he came, saw and conquered.

This is the story of when Blek Le Rat came to Melbourne.

"His disciples call him ''the godfather'' of stencil graffiti, but for 58-year-old Parisian-born Blek le Rat - who takes his name from the small black rodents he painted around Paris some 30 years ago - it's a term of endearment rather than a title implying omnipotence."

The Ages article "Graffiti Godfather makes mark in Melbourne"

Blek Le Rat is currently showing at Metro 5, one very prestigious gallery in Melbourne. Metro 5 is on High st (between glenferrie rd + kooyong rd) but to be exact 1214 High St, Armadale, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Metro 5 is a perfect display unit for Blek Le Rat, great window space and its long corridor displays Blek's work to perfection.
My favored pieces from the exhibition

Blek attended the opening. Since he was in Melbourne he ended up working some of his magic in town.

couple o my favourites

Friday, December 4, 2009

KRINK - when 2 become 1

Krink - Top notch ink and markers.
Krink seem to have a gift for getting projects with first class companies - Married to the Mob, The New York Times, Kidrobot, Levi's Japan, Colette, Alife / Girl Skateboards, Nike, Faces & Laces Moscow, Monument Snowboards and Red Bull Australia to name a few...

Latest one Krink and BMW Mini, ill let the photos and video speak for themselves.

friday funk

dope beat that just makes you wanna bump up and down.