Sunday, March 7, 2010

my week in pictures

 Monday morning on the train. Going into town for my very first day of uni. I was surrounded by a very interesting situation.
 In front of me i had two young preppies shooting the breeze about the first times with there boyfriends. Nice light entertainment for the ride.

Then to my right i had a bible reading. 

 Skip bin removal.

Poor dog.

What a pose.

Hello locker and hello to the next 3 years.

Stairway to fine arts.

Even the trees at rmit have barcodes. Why?

 Whale in fine form this week. Only one trip to the vet, lets hope its the last one for at least 6 months. 



 Intense class, pen all over leg. 

After being on public transport for a week, i got stuck in a traffic jam. 
I hate Melbourne between 4 - 7pm.

Ive been working on a new line, charms.
Sterling silver ny fattie with silver chain. 
 Melbourne was hit by a crazy storm yesterday. The morning was hot and i was in a park for a TAFE reunion by chance i had to leave to make it to the paint jam in St Kilda, on the way i had a couple of detours picking up Bree and dropping Whale home. When Bree and i got home the storm just hit it was intense hail (which were huge - see below), rain, thunder, lightening and windy as all hell. We decided to wait it out. It let up a little and by the time we got to St Kilda it seemed like it had passed, little did i know there was round two. I'm going to try and track down some more photos of the storm.



Yes, real men drink long island ice tea. 

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