Sunday, May 29, 2011

create vs stagnate

With assessment looming i am trying my hardest to get everything done. Current form fixations are spheres. Little brass spheres. Thank the lord for moors discs.
The spheres i've made range in sizes from 25mm - 10mm. For me there is something calming about a object that has curvature and of course mathematics involved.

Tinman could use this. Brass press formed heart, (Caz this it is the first heart i have made at uni, i promise.) difficult metal to use in the fly press as it hardens so quickly. I had to anneal it 4 times to gain the depth of 13mm or so. I'll post a photo of the perspex die i cut out. Biggest mission ever.

These guys have been a side project for a while. Finally getting them 
out there and into some stores. Keep an eye out for them.

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