Thursday, May 19, 2011

i have been busy...

Wednesday and Thursday have been a wash of emotions and momentum. It's forward no less.

We all crave fresh starts. Are they ever really possible, or does one always remember. I think forgiveness is a special thing and it is not always easy. I am of the motto that i will forgive but never forget. This is were i am at.

Today brought a lot of goodness. I am trying to nurse my peace lilys plants back to life... They were over feed nutrients when i repotted them with a compost potting mix. The chia pet is coming along i think. There are no seeds yet and i am almost at a point were i will have to put a plastic bag over it to give it a greenhouse effect thus pushing the growing cycle. Plants are amazing they can look much past there used by date, yet with a little love, sun and water come back from the brink. I am going to try and adopt this very simple yet natural way of life. Just looking for the essentials in life and trying to keep things simple.

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