Monday, June 27, 2011

wants vs needs

What does one need and what does one want.

New clothes? Magazines? Make-up?

There is big difference between wants and needs. The impact of this understanding is so important and comes with time.

Over the past couple of years i have begun to realise that when you go out you appreciate what you have. An appreciation of what is important. I love sneakers. I have 30 odd pairs. Last year i decided to not buy one pair for 12 months. I ended up going beyond the 12 months and edged into 16 months.

This year i am giving up buying cosmetics - all forms. I have such a backlog of products from buying and being giving promotion (thank you L'Oreal, Priceline and Clinique) packs.

I bought a plastic under bed storage box and put everything 
in there and this is just the unopened products!

I think i should be fine to get through the 12 months without buying anything.

I just had my birthday and my god-mother gave me a present... She always out do's herself with beautiful gifts. A few years ago she gave me Mor Cosmetics soap, it was the marshmallow fragrance. It was the best soap i had ever used and the scent was unbelievable. This year she has bought me a gift set with s soap and hand cream, once again marshmallow.
The gift tins are so beautiful and will used lovingly after the pieces have been used.

I am waiting on the postman to bring the package... I love knowing its coming. This will be the only cosmetic item i receive till May 31st 2012. Going to be an interesting year.

What can you live without?

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