Monday, July 18, 2011

new lease on life... well uni!

First day of a fresh new tasty semester.

This semesters alternative studio is Small Object Ideation. It is suggested for first years so that they look into abstraction and conceptual development. I kept putting other alternative studios above it, but i finally bit the bullet and chose it and even after just one class i am kicking myself i didn't take it last year. Our teacher is Nicholas Bastin who is clam, centered and clear being. He is great. Today was mainly of drawing (which i am not confident at) but i actually enjoyed it, thoroughly.

One of the most challenging activities was drawing a still life (arranged objects) but not looking at the page. It was extremely hard and i have to admit my eyes did dart down once or twice. Try it - it's incredibly difficult.

Here is that activities drawing -

The next activity was to move seats and then draw but without lifting the pen off the page -

Then we overlapped both drawings -

And redrew them with earlier line exploration (not shown) techniques -

All in all quite satisfied with the outcomes.

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