Thursday, July 21, 2011

vogue did it first.

Copy catting is the sincerest form of flattery right?  How far does this extend? In the media people copy things all the time. Television news take lead on articles from the newspaper and so on.

This evening my housemate and i were enjoying a couple of vinos and she had her new magazine purchases out. I was flicking through the new Madsion and came upon an article on Blake Lively current IT girl/muse (lucky girl) for Lagerfeld. Within seconds of seeing the images i realised i'd seen them before. I knew it was in another magazine about a year ago. I serached through all the magazines in the house finding nothing, i a little disappointed and confused (i have a brilliant memory for objects and images - people and names not so much) as to why i couldn't find the article. I looked to the internet and there it was.

Here are the original cover and article Vogue June 2010 - 

Images grabbed from My Modern Met Article is here

Now here are the images i took from this months Madsion -

Is it just me or this is wrong? The covers are SO similar that even the colour choice for magazine brand is the same.

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