Saturday, August 20, 2011

garage sail infinity

Today was a great day. Sunshine to start, friends to compliment and some serious goodies from the Carlow House - Garage Sale and Open Studio. My apologies for not posting about this event earlier.
It was so great to see my old TAFE teacher Anna Davern. After the RMIT auction I was especially keen on seeing more of her new collection "Rocks." I had my heart set on getting a pair of earrings but when i got there and saw the prices i was so very lucky to be able to buy a few pieces. The best thing was peeling off the stickers and revealing the original price WOW! I ended up coming home with a bunch of items... here they are.


Stumbled on a box full of woven badges i can't go past anything with cards on it.

Automatic needle threader, not that i need one but i just really liked the form.

Nicky Hepburn silver ring

Great day.

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