Wednesday, November 30, 2011

reeeeeeeview and it's good!

Melbourne Jeweller has reviewed our show - Work Hardened

All praise and goodness. Enough to make a lady blush.

I do have to agree that i felt the stand out piece was Danica Moorcrofts to her vessel - 'Fritzel Baby Bowl'
Also Elise Sheehan 'Little White Lies' and Chris Massey's 'A Giving Ring' round out the top 3. So without further ado I call it. Year over and Holidays are HERE!

it is irish season.


Caz Guiney has hit the jackpot again and is really in tune with getting the public involved in her projects this is no different. I recieved an email from her last week with details of the project and the blog site. I have put my hand up to get a charm-id kit.... Fingers crossed the mail man delivers. I am interested to see the momentum this project will create - as a collective it will be nice to see what may come...

stay tuned.

it WAS like a fever

What an apt name.

Third year gold and silversmithing students put on a show - No Vacancy Gallery pulled it off.

Exhibition is on now runs until Sunday 4 December 2011.

Catalog is hard cover and deliciously orange BUY ONE!

Congratulations to Joelle, Yaz, Clem, Wendy, Lin, Khyran, Sarah, Katie, Allona and Aurelia!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

grad grad graduate

NMIT's Jewellery course is up next and there opening is this Thursday.

The show is called Auteur ( a word i have not heard before) Meaning -
auteur (plural auteurs)
  1. A creative artist, especially a film director, seen as having a specific, recognisable artistic vision, and who is seen as the single or preeminent ‘author’ of their works.

It's running from the 18th - 27th Novemeber 2011. Every day of week 10am - 6pm. Good hours.

Opening night is the 17th 6pm - 8pm.

I'm a little bummed because im covering bar shifts this week and will be missing out - but all the very best to Rhiannon afterward you will get a well deserved holiday, rest period and your life back!

Enjoy x

some people just make life easy.

So in my haste to post up all the exhibitions of NOW. In googling i found this Melbourne Jewellers GET IT HERE every and any exhibition a jeweller - artist - enthusiastic could ever want.

Thank you Miss Melbourne Jeweller you just made my life that teeny bit easier... Even more so when i know theres something on but can't remember for the life of me what it was!


its that time of year!

Exhibition season is upon us. 1st and 2nd years RMIT G&S end of year exhibition was last night, titled "Work Hardened" it was like really good. I should have posted about it pre-opening but with assessment, house moving and internet tethering off my iphone well yeah nah!

Here are the deets in any case -

Level 4, Spill Art Space
175 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, Australia
The gallery is run by Michele and her daughter Tegen (lucky girl to work in a gallery, a dream of mine) Open hours are 11am - 4pm Tuesday - Sunday.