Wednesday, November 16, 2011

grad grad graduate

NMIT's Jewellery course is up next and there opening is this Thursday.

The show is called Auteur ( a word i have not heard before) Meaning -
auteur (plural auteurs)
  1. A creative artist, especially a film director, seen as having a specific, recognisable artistic vision, and who is seen as the single or preeminent ‘author’ of their works.

It's running from the 18th - 27th Novemeber 2011. Every day of week 10am - 6pm. Good hours.

Opening night is the 17th 6pm - 8pm.

I'm a little bummed because im covering bar shifts this week and will be missing out - but all the very best to Rhiannon afterward you will get a well deserved holiday, rest period and your life back!

Enjoy x

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