Wednesday, November 30, 2011

reeeeeeeview and it's good!

Melbourne Jeweller has reviewed our show - Work Hardened

All praise and goodness. Enough to make a lady blush.

I do have to agree that i felt the stand out piece was Danica Moorcrofts to her vessel - 'Fritzel Baby Bowl'
Also Elise Sheehan 'Little White Lies' and Chris Massey's 'A Giving Ring' round out the top 3. So without further ado I call it. Year over and Holidays are HERE!


  1. Thanks Esther...have you activated yet??? Tricky timing I know. Exhibition is at RMIT in early Feb. If you get it done you might get a pic in the show!!!!! Caz

  2. caz! im sorry i haven't yet - i was hoping to wait till uni went back. have i missed the boat yet?